Club Sandy Emanuel and Lyly


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Club Sandy Emanuel and Lyly are two hot babes. Both ladies are nurses at a local hospital. Emanuel is a gorgeous blonde with a very impressive rack while Lyly is a pretty brunette with a sexy physique. These nurses like working during the night because they have less patients to take care of. With not much to do and feeling very horny one night, Emanuel and Lyly sneak into an empty room and start working on each other’s bodies. We see Emanuel here on top of the bed with her legs spread wide, topless. Lyly is in between Emanuel’s legs feasting on the blonde’s cunt. Watch how these two take care of each other’s needs right here now.

Club Sandy Nurse Babe


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Club Sandy Nurse Babe is a set of photos and video clip featuring a beautiful and hot blonde nurse. Dressed in her white nurse dress and red cap, the gorgeous nurse makes house calls to check on her patient. One heavily tattooed guy with chiselled body and dark skin was the lucky patient for the day. She found him in the garden and he asked for help to feel better. With the sight of her naked body his temperature shot up sky high and so did his cock. She came to check on him and he ended up checking out her pussy and ass with his cock. And boy did they cum.

Club Sandy Sexy Babe


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Club Sandy Sexy Babe is blonde, beautiful and busty. This delicious classy lady is at home and all alone. She got tired of pouring her own wine and watching TV shows. Tonight, Club Sandy Sexy Babe feels extra lonely and super horny. She takes off her clothes, except for her neck piece and transparent high-heeled shoes with red ribbons. She sits on the tiled floor, next to a leather foot rest. She spreads her legs but still keeps her knees together. She reaches out for her favourite purple dildo and starts using it to stimulate her clit before she plunges it into her wet cunt.

Club Sandy Blowjob


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Club Sandy Blowjob is all about how Sandy handles her favourite thing in the world—cock. With long blonde hair set in curls, beautiful expressive eyes, pink lips and big natural jugs, this babe is a true head-turner. Here a lucky dude gets to be with the gorgeous Sandy. Given her hot body, this guy automatically gets a hard-on from the moment he sees her. His cock continues to throb getting to see Sandy naked. The blonde bombshell wastes no time and gives the guy a good sucking. You won’t believe how great this woman is at deepthroat. Will he take advantage and fuck her too? If that was us, we would.

Club Sandy Self Fisting


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Club Sandy Self Fisting is spicy preview photo of a kinky set of pictures and video. Women have different skills and abilities when it comes to sex. Some would say, they kinkier the better. And if you’re one who is fan of fetish and kinky videos, you shouldn’t miss this. As we see in the sample photo, a hot girl with long brown hair and full make-up is lying on her side with her eyes closed and her mouth open as if she is moaning. Her left hand is holding her ass cheek while her right hand is fisting her well-lubed ass crack.

Club Sandy Threesome


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Club Sandy Threesome is a hot video shot on a poolside location. Two sexy chicks—a blonde and a brunette share a steamy sex session with a guy in public view and under the scorching heat of the sun. All three are naked and the guy is sitting on the yellow poolside bed. Horny as can be, the brunette sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position. Of course, the blonde babe will not sit and watch. She joins the action by using her hands and mouth on the brunette’s body as well as the guy’s dick. See more of their threeway fun right here.

Club Sandy Devil Girls


2 Devil Girls Fucking Hell

Club Sandy Devil Girls are literally devils with sweet temptations for us. The two ladies are blondes with beautiful faces and really hot bodies. Dressed in black knee-high boots, leather belts, fishnet gloves and with devil horns too, these hot chicks show us how they have a good time together. One babe opens up her legs while the other gets a cream coloured thick toy cock to fuck her with. The blondes fuck each other wonderfully and we get to drool at their hot sexy bodies. They may be playing the roles of little devils but we bet the pleasure they bring is heavenly.

Club Sandy Rose


Magnificent Teen Honey Rose Outdoor Wet Masturbation

Club Sandy Rose is a blonde who surely knows how to cool off during the hot summer. The confident young lady starts off walking around the poolside. She lets us admire her gorgeous physique, long blonde hair tied in a ponytail and her angelic blue eyes. Perhaps the sun’s heat go the best of her or maybe showing off her body got her horny to the point that she strips naked under the shower. As if seeing her nude is not enough, Rose squats down and begins to open her cunt using her fingers. Our mouths drop and we drool now.

Club Sandy Playboy Bunnies


A Bunch of Sexy Playboy Bunnies

Club Sandy Playboy Bunnies gives us not one, not two, not even three gorgeous ladies. What we have in this teaser photo are six hot babes for us to ogle and enjoy. Club Sandy Playboy Bunnies are dressed in pink and white costumes with textures of velvet and fur. Their slender legs are covered in fishnet stockings and they have similar white high-heeled strappy shoes. All the ladies are sexy and they pretty faces too. There are four blondes standing up at the back and three brunettes sort of kneeling in front. Seeing them in a still photo is never enough. We want to see them in action too!

Club Sandy Tea and Billy


Tea and Billy Baking Some Cookies

Club Sandy Tea and Billy are in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. The blonde and brunette girls are best of friends and one day they were alone and wanted to bake cookies. Well, as our luck would have it, the gal pals got frisky instead. They end up in very compromising positions. Starting off with this one captured in the photo. The blonde is lying on the wooden kitchen counter. She has trails of whipped cream starting from her pink nipples. She is smiling as the brunette gets even naughtier and puts whipped cream on the blonde’s pink pussy too.